Moving to the south is exciting. Myrtle Beach is a great choice if you want to come to the south. However, the process of moving isn't so easy. 

If you're moving from another part of the country to Myrtle Beach, it can be hectic. You have to find a new home, pack up everything, sell your old home, move everything, unpack in your new Myrtle Beach home and get to know an entirely new area.

Whether you're relocating to Myrtle Beach for a job, for family, or to be closer to the ocean, the process can get stressful. Here are a few things you should know before you make the move to the south.

We Will Welcome You

The south is very welcoming, especially throughout Myrtle Beach. It's a friendly place to be and neighbors will likely drop by to welcome you to the area. In the south, we are proud of the places we call home and we are excited for new people to experience the true southern hospitality.

While Myrtle Beach isn't the Deep South, it's certainly south and you can enjoy being welcomed to a friendly place to live.

Possible Decrease in Cost of Living

Depending on where you're coming from, you may get to experience a cost of living decrease. If you're coming from a bigger city, you will likely see your cost of living go down. Those that come here from New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other big cities will love the cheaper cost of living provides in Myrtle Beach.

Plenty of Health Benefits

Living near the ocean is good for your health. Even just living in the south provides health benefits. You'll be in the sun more often, which helps to increase the Vitamin D you get. Vitamin D deficiency impacts about half the population in the United States, but you don't have to worry about it.

You'll have the ability to soak up as much sun as you want, which helps to support your entire body, manage diabetes and prevent certain disease. In addition, living near the ocean offers benefits from the salt water and the sea air.

Moderate Climate

When you choose to call Myrtle Beach home, you won't deal with the scorching hot temperatures of Florida, Texas, New Orleans, or Arizona. You also won't deal with the incredibly cold winters found in Wisconsin, Maine, New York, Minnesota, and other northern states. Instead, you get a steady climate year-round.

The temperatures in January may dip below 40-degrees at night, but you'll still enjoy the mid-50s during the day. During July, it may get up into the high 80s or even the low 90s, but it won't be incredibly scorching hot. The climate is rather moderate year-round with plenty of sunshine to enjoy.

Relaxed Atmosphere

The south is very relaxed and not nearly as uptight as some other areas of the country. It's not as fast-paced as a big city. You can easily relax at the beach and enjoy the laid-back vibe.

If you're considering moving to the south, Myrtle Beach is a good choice. It's a beach town with plenty to offer. Before you move, consider these five things and make sure you hire a good real estate agent to help you find your new home in Myrtle Beach.