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Feb. 10, 2019

Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Sell Your Own Home

For Sale By Owner seems attractive as you'd likely choose this option to save the real estate agent commission. Sometimes, it's the right decision, but more often than not, it's more hassle than you bargained for. Here are five good reasons you shouldn't try to sell your home on your own.

Pricing is a Bit of an Artform

Sure, it seems easy to figure out how much to sell your home for, but it's not. You have to have a good knowledge of the current real estate market in your area. Then, you have to have access to similar homes that sold in the area recently. Finally, you have to make adjustments based on the uniqueness, condition, and differences of your home compared to the others that sold recently.

It's an art form real estate agents are very good at and the price is probably the most important factor in selling your home. Get the listing price right and you'll be flooded with interest. Price the property too high or too low and you may struggle to get serious buyers interested in making an offer.

Exposure is Hard

When you choose the For Sale By Owner route, you'll quickly find getting exposure is difficult. Placing a sign in the yard and an ad on Craigslist isn't enough. It's a start, but you also need to place ads on the Facebook Marketplace, in the local newspaper, and anywhere else you can find. In addition, these ads need to be updated weekly and you still won't get a ton of exposure.

Even getting your property on the MLS isn't going to give you massive exposure as every property is found online these days. You need something different to get exposure and you probably don't have the huge network of potential buyers a real estate agent has built up over the past decade.

Exposure sells homes when everything else is right. If you cannot get exposure, you'll be hoping for a bit of luck to get your home sold on your own.

The Paperwork isn't Easy

Have you ever gone through the contracts involved in selling a home? Do you understand the contingencies of a home offer? Are you prepared to close on your home without making any major mistakes?

The paperwork in a home sale isn't just complicated, but it's time-consuming to complete and understand. Real estate agents deal with the paperwork every day and have been trained to fill it out correctly. They know what to do and if you don't, the paperwork alone could be too much for you to handle.

Home Preparation isn't Easy

Yes, you can search online for tips to prepare your home for sale and even hire a stager, if you're willing to spend a few thousand dollars. However, you'll likely end up with a home not well prepared to be sold. When you have a showing, the home may not show well due to the fact that it wasn't properly prepared.

Remember, buyers have probably looked at several homes and may have walked through more than one that was professionally cleaned, staged, and well prepared for sale. If you cannot measure up, why should they even consider your home?

You'll Need Patience

For Sale By Owner properties, on average, take longer to sell. When an agent can step in, reach out to their network of interested buyers, and prepare the home for sale properly, they can get it sold faster. If you don't want your home sitting on the market for months, you may not want to try to sell it on your own.

Selling a home is a huge endeavor and for many, it will become a full-time job, if they do everything necessary to get it sold. Hiring an agent takes this weight off your shoulders and makes selling your home easier, faster, and often worth more.


Feb. 9, 2019

Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets


Tips for Selling Your Myrtle Beach Home With Pets

Your pets are very important to you and they need to be treated as such. You need to make sure they are happy and healthy just like everybody else in your family. 

When it's time to sell your Myrtle Beach home, your pets need to be handled with care. So does the rest of your house, since it could smell like your pets.

While you may be accustomed to the smell, non-pet owners will notice it in a hurry. It's not just about the smell, either. Here are a few tips to help with your pets when selling your Myrtle Beach home.

Deep Cleaning First

Before you even list your home, you need to hire someone to do a deep cleaning. Then, you need to prepare yourself for accidents. Arm you cleaning supplies with a strong carpet cleaner and plenty of deodorizer in case of an accident. Even if your animals don't usually have accidents, they may due to the changes going on around your home and in their lives.

Once the home is deep cleaned, make sure you keep it clean. Do a spot clean before any showings or open houses just to be sure.

Make Plans for Your Pets During Showings

When a showing is scheduled, you need to know where your pets will be and what you will do with them. Often, you don't need to be there for a showing as that's your agent's job. You can take the pets to a dog park or take them for a ride to a friend’s house while the showing is going on.

If you have several showings scheduled in a row, you may want to have your pets relocated to a kennel or pet hotel for a few days. This can give them a fun getaway and you the ability to get your home sold without worries of pets being in the way.

Hide Pet Supplies

Sometimes, you can clean all you want and if a potential buyer sees pet supplies, they will suddenly smell pets. Hide everything away where it cannot be found and make it look like pets don't live there. 

Pet toys, bowls and other items can make the house look messy and can make it harder to get your home sold. If you have a place out of the way you can stash your pet items, do so. You may even want to pack up all the unnecessary items since you will be moving soon.

Get Your Non-Moveable Pets Prepared

Not all dogs, cats, or other pets can easily be moved. Birds and fish can be hard to move and you want to make sure you're prepared for this. Put a warning sign up on the door for the room they live in so that anybody looking at your home knows there are pets inside. You can also cover the cage or aquarium with a sheet to keep people from putting their fingers in it.

Your pets are important, but they are a bit of an obstacle when selling your Myrtle Beach home. You want to make sure they are well cared for during the process, but also remove any signs they live in your home so that you can appeal to all buyers looking at your property.

Feb. 8, 2019

Facts about Selling FSBO


Things You Need To Know About Selling FSBO

Selling your property on your own isn't easy and many sellers start with the FSBO route. It's possible you've been through this process and even seen a few contracts fall through before closing. Here are some of the answers to some of the most common questions when selling FSBO.

Once you decide to sell your property on your own, you'll likely get plenty of communication from real estate agents. Most of this communication will be agents looking for a listing. Many of the agents calling you probably haven't even researched the property. They may not even know where the property is located.

What it Takes to be Successful in the Real Estate Market

Many sellers considering the FSBO route are not sure if they can be successful. It's very possible to be successful when selling your property on your own. About 10 to 12% of FSBO properties are actually sold by the owner without an agent's help. 

In order to find success when going the FSBO route, you really need to know what the 10 to 12% are doing. Check out the next post/video and find out what successful FSBO sellers are doing to find success in the real estate market.


Jan. 25, 2019

Compound Effect of Marketing your Property

How The Compound Effect Of Marketing Helps You Sell For More Money

After several questions, it was necessary to do a video about the compound effect of marketing. It has been mentioned in several other videos and it can be a bit confusing.

The compound effect includes marketing a number of properties over a long period of time. It's easier to understand when looking at a comparison between someone selling a few hundred properties a year compared to someone selling just a few properties.

An Individual Selling One Property

Let's look at someone selling on their own that's going a bit overboard and overachieving with their marketing plan. They will obviously have a sign in the yard, but that's just the beginning. This person would also be posting an ad on Craigslist and the Facebook Marketplace. They will likely post on NextDoor and also in any groups they may be a part of within the community, such as church groups, book clubs, golf leagues, etc.

This person may have even gone as far as sending out an email to their centers of influence (people they know within the community) to let them know their home is for sale. They may even go a step further and optimize their profiles on Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. Maybe they have even gone as far as doing a video tour of the property including shots from a drone.

This overachiever may even go as far as refreshing these profiles, ads, and marketing methods once a week to keep them current. They certainly have quite a bit of marketing out there for their one property. This is an example of an over-the-top marketing plan for one property sold by one person. Most sellers won't go this far.

Most people selling on their own will put a sign in the yard and take out a couple ads, but that's about all they do. This example, however, is pretty aggressive for someone selling on their own without the resources of a professional real estate agent.

In this example, you're selling one property every couple of years, at most, because it's your own property. Over time, there's no build up from the marketing you're doing for that one property. There's no compound effect from your marketing efforts and no database of buyers being created due to your marketing plan.

It's also unlikely that you would set up funnel systems for those expressing interest in your property, but not showing up or making an offer. While all the marketing methods in this example are good, they are just one-off activities used to sell your property once.

The Power of the Compound Effect from a Professional Marketing Agent

When you hire a professional marketing agent to market your property, you get the compound effect. They will do many of the things mentioned in the first example and more, but it's done with every single property on a day in and day out basis. This creates the compound effect.

When an agent markets like this, they capture buyer leads from various properties and build a database of interested buyers to market to over and over again. This allows a good agent to follow a lead from someone that's just looking to someone ready to buy.

Over time, these systems are refreshed and maintained. This would be far more than a full-time job for a for sale by owner person and require a staff. This wouldn't make any sense for a single for sale by owner seller, but for an agent, it makes perfect sense.

The compound effect of marketing allows for a higher return on your property's sale. This is due to the marketing done over time, the database built by a good agent, and the staff they have to market your property in the most aggressive way possible.

The compound effect of marketing over time can be very powerful and can make it easier to sell your property. This effect allows an agent to become well-known within the right circles in their community, as well. If you're looking for the most powerful marketing possible, choosing an agent that markets hundreds of properties is a great way to put the compound effect to work for you.

Jan. 24, 2019

Is a Professional Photographer Necessary?

Should You Hire a Professional Photographer When Selling Your Home in Myrtle Beach? 

Selling your Myrtle Beach home isn't easy. The right tools make it easier and allow you to sell for the right price. With so many people starting their home search online, your listing pictures are vital to achieving a successful sale. 

Myrtle Beach is a unique community drawing interest from all over the globe. Buyers come from the north to retire or in search of a warmer place to live. Some buyers even come from overseas.

When buyers are hundreds of miles away from the place they want to relocate to, listing pictures become their go-to when searching for a home. They are only searching online since they cannot be there in person. If you don't show off your property in the best possible way, you could end up losing out on these potential buyers.

Do Professional Images Make a Difference?

When a home is properly stages and well photographed, it becomes a prime listing ready to be sold. From the buyer's perspective, seeing amazing pictures that look like they could be in a magazine may be reason enough to give your property a closer look. Without great listing pictures to draw potential buyers in, you may struggle to get people to look at your online listing.

Imagine sifting through hundreds of pictures of homes looking for the perfect one. You're almost looking for a needle in a haystack and the best way to find a needle in a haystack is to make it look bright, shiny, and far more attractive than the hay.

Is a Professional Photographer Necessary?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky. Professional quality images are 100% necessary to get your Myrtle Beach home sold for the right price. However, a professional photographer isn't always necessary.

Some real estate agents have the equipment to take high-quality pictures for you and don't need to hire a professional. However, if they get out their smartphone and start snapping listing pictures, you need to question them. Phones take good pictures these days, but they are not good enough for your listing.

If you plan to allow your real estate agent to take your listing pictures, they better have the right equipment. One of the major reasons a professional photographer provides such great images is the equipment they've invested in. High-quality photography equipment costs thousands of dollars and most agents don't make this type of investment in the cameras they use for listing pictures.

Standing Out of the Crowd

When you want to sell your Myrtle Beach home, you want to stand out from the crowd. You won't be the only home on the market. You'll be competing with plenty of other properties very similar to yours, but you can still stand out.

Professional pictures make your listing pop and make you stand out. Without professional pictures, you may not get the property sold as fast or for the price you want. Hiring a professional to take your listing pictures is an investment as it will likely pay off.


A professional photographer will spend hours taking the pictures and editing them to make sure they are the very best representation of your property for sale. Make sure your agent is using a professional photographer or at least has the right equipment to take incredible pictures for your listing.

Jan. 23, 2019

Target Marketing for Sellers

Sellers Getting More Money Through Target Marketing

Today, we reveal another real estate secret to help you, the seller, net more money in your pocket. Using older methods of listing properties on the MLS isn't enough anymore. Sellers need massive exposure from a target marketing strategy to get more profits from every sale. 

What is Target Marketing?

Target marketing includes a strategy of targeting the right type of buyers for the seller's property. Instead of just putting the property on the market, on the MLS, and in a large number of spots and hoping for a buyer to come along, a target marketing strategies maximize the right marketing strategies for the specific property.

When an agent uses a target marketing strategy, they start by looking at a property and deciding who is the best type of buyer for that property. For example, a condo is best suited for an investor looking to live in the condo once a year or never even see it. This is a different type of buyer compared to someone planning to live in the area for six months out of the year or for the entire year.

Another example is a residential home in a gated community with a large number of amenities and a higher HOA. This type of property is going to be a different audience of buyers compared to a home in the same price range in a different neighborhood.

Matching the Right Buyer to the Property

Target marketing is a bit like a dating service for real estate. The goal is to match the right type of buyer to each property and market that property specifically to those types of buyers. In order to do this, an agent has to know the market very well. 

When an agent doesn't know the market very well, they tend to use general marketing strategies instead of target marketing strategies. This tends to limit the amount of exposure the property will get with the right type of buyers. 

Identifying the Right Type of Buyer

There are several ways to go about identifying the right type of buyers. First, your agent needs to have a large database of qualified buyers looking for specific types of properties. Usually, the largest database is a product of time in the business and previous sales experience within the community.

Agents have to have these buyer leads as there isn't some magic box of leads out there every agent can tap into. You have to have the database of people to pull from. The leads should be tags so that the agent knows what they are looking for and can easily search the database for the right type of buyers for your property.

Second, an agent should also be able to look at similar properties they have sold and the people that looked at that property without buying it. They can also see all of the agents that have shown the property in the past six or nine months. A good agent will market your property to all of these potential buyers and agents to gain not only more exposure but also targeted exposure.

Finally, an agent must invest in the right technology to gain buyer leads and be able to sort them and contact them. Without this investment, it's not really possible to use a highly targeted strategy of marketing with the agent's database. However, when an agent invests in the right technology, they can easily target the right buyers for your property and gain the right exposure to get it sold for you.

This is the true definition of target marketing in the real estate business. Just getting the property on the MLS isn't enough as it may gain some exposure, but the exposure won't be targeted to the right type of buyers for your specific property.


It's no longer effective to simply say your marketing strategy is going to be to use the internet. Everybody uses the internet and every property is on the MLS, so there's no advantage here. Instead, you need a real, target marketing strategy to truly get your property in front of the right buyers.


Jan. 22, 2019

Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early Without Going Broke

Paying off your mortgage may seem like a mountain you simply cannot climb. You went through the stress and excitement of house shopping, found the perfect place to live, and now you have to pay for it. 

Even if you pay off your mortgage a couple years early, it can save you thousands in interest payments. However, trying to pay extra on your mortgage can cause money stress you simply don't need. Here are a few of the best tips to help you with how to pay off your mortgage early without going broke.

Round Up

You don't have to go broke trying to pay hundreds extra every month on your mortgage payment. Simply start by rounding up to the nearest $100. For example, if your payment is supposed to be $1,248.95, round it up to $1,300. That just an extra $51.05 per month, but over the course of a year, you'll pay an extra $612.60, which is nearly a half a payment.

Even if you don't think you can afford the extra $51, you can round up to the nearest $50 or to the next dollar even. While the smaller amounts won't make a huge difference, they still help and you can adjust as you feel more comfortable in the future.

Use Your Tax Refund

Most families get a pretty nice tax refund each year. When tax time rolls around, allocate at least some of the cash to pay extra on your mortgage. The smartest thing you could do is to pay it all towards your mortgage, but even if you just use your tax refund to make one extra payment per year, it will make a big difference. 

Paying one extra payment per year with your tax refund will help you pay off your mortgage a few years early. If you can make two extra payments, it will get you there even faster. 

Create Your Own Payment Schedule

If you're on a 30-year mortgage it doesn't mean you cannot make the payment of a 15-year mortgage and cut your term in half. You can use an online amortization schedule calculator to figure out what your payment would be on a 15-year mortgage. Just make sure you enter the right interest rate and the loan amount (not the amount your home is worth or the sales price).

Ditch PMI & Pay the Extra Towards Your Mortgage

Maybe you have a mortgage that includes Private Mortgage Insurance. This happens when you don’t put down at least 20% on most loan programs. However, when you build up enough equity, you can ditch PMI through a refinance or just by asking your current mortgage company to waive it.

You may be paying an extra $100 or $200 on your mortgage payment every month for the PMI portion. Getting 20% equity in your home may take a few years, but once you do, you can ditch PMI and start paying that extra money towards your payment every month.

You don't have to go broke to pay off your mortgage faster. These strategies will help you and you can even combine a few of them to get your mortgage paid off even sooner.



Jan. 21, 2019

The Myths Are False

Millennials are Still Buying Homes, Regardless of the Myths

Many myths are floating around out there talking about how Millennials are not buying homes. These myths are false. Last year, Millennials actually became one of the top groups of buyers representing about 35% of the real estate market, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors. 

Millennials are defined as anybody born between 1980 and 2005. About 65% of the millennials buying homes in 2018 were first-time home buyers. The report from the NAR also showed how mobile the Millennial buyers are as they are not afraid to move to a new location. 

In addition to these stats, the report showed younger buyers becoming more interested in older homes to renovate and live in. These homes are being sold mostly by baby boomers as the baby boomer generation moves to urban condos and active adult communities. 

Why Millennials Buyers are Taking Over the Market

The biggest obstacle for Millennial buyers has been student loans. Even with student debt levels, Millennials are not more settled into careers and have savings routines allowing them some financial comfort for the future. Most contribute to a 401k regularly and other types of investments. 

Due to this balance between debt and savings, many Millennial buyers are finally in a position to afford a home. Many are even using their general savings or retirement accounts as down payments on their first homes.

Millennials Look for Help When Searching for a Home

While Millennials are very familiar with technology and rely on it quite a bit, they don't rely on it as much for finding the right home. Unlike other generations that hop online and start a search for the perfect home, Millennials don't lean as much towards the do-it-yourself approach to searching for a home. 

Only 40% of Millennials admitted their first step in the home search was to search the online listings. In addition, only 43% believed the virtual tours were very useful. These percentages are much higher for other major buying age groups compared to Millennial buyers.

The Starter Home is Dead with Millennials

Another interesting thing the NAR report and other reports are showing is that the starter home doesn't really exist for Millennials. This group of buyers is less interested in the starter home approach than other generations of home buyers.

Instead, they are more likely to buy their first home and stay for a much longer amount of time compared to a parent or an older sibling. While Millennial buyers are not afraid to move to a new location, when they do, they have no plans to leave that location any time soon.

You can read all the myths out there about how Millennials aren't buying homes, but they are now all false. While they may have been true a few years ago, 2018 showed the Millennial buyer starting to take over the market and become a force. It's not far more common for Millennials to buy a home than it has been in the past.

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Jan. 20, 2019

Getting Exposure Sells Homes

Find Out Why The Exposure Factor Will Determine Your Price

Getting the right exposure is one of the biggest factors to getting your home sold, whether listing with an agent or going the FSBO route. Exposure equals demand and the more exposure you can get more demand. More demand leads to more offers and a higher price. You may even be able to start a bidding war and get a price above market value if enough exposure is created.

Finding the perfect buyer means you may be able to sell the property for more money. The perfect buyer is a better match for the property compared to the buyer that says the property will work for them but isn't in love with it or the investor that believes the numbers will work if they can get it at a specific price. The perfect buyer loves the property and may be willing to pay more to ensure they get it.

Get Your Property Out To As Many People As Possible

The first key to exposure is getting your property in front of as many eyeballs as possible. The more people that see your property, the better. This is the least important of the three keys to the exposure factor, yet it's still very important.

You can have a property in the best condition, at the right price, but if nobody sees it, you may never get it sold. Getting the most amount of exposure as possible, such as putting a sign in the yard, putting the property on Craigslist, Facebook, and NextDoor. This may be enough, but it's just the start of getting exposure for the property.

Get Detailed With Your Marketing

Beyond the basic steps of getting exposure, you want to get very detailed with your marketing approach. This is the second key to the exposure factor and the more detailed you get, the better. Targeting the right type of buyers will make a difference when seeking to find the perfect buyer for your property.

This is quite a bit more difficult on the FSBO side of things because you probably aren't selling properties every single day as an agent does. Agents have a large database of people from their time of marketing other properties, which they can use to find the perfect buyer for your property. This is a very powerful way to find the right buyer and target very specific types of buyers for your property.

Continuing To Update Your Marketing

The final factor of the exposure factor is the compound effect. This effect is simply repeating and refreshing the marketing. This helps to ensure people see your property over and over again, which helps to give you the exposure you need to get your property sold.


With the right agent, you'll have a full staff of marketers working for you and ensuring your marketing strategy is updated and refreshed regularly.


Jan. 19, 2019

Fun in Myrtle Beach under Ten Dollars

Can You Really Have Fun in Myrtle Beach for $10 or Less?

You just relocated to Myrtle Beach or you just bought your first investment property and money is a bit tighter than normal. It's understandable after a down payment, closing costs, moving expenses, new furniture, and probably several meals out during the process.

Just because your cash is a bit tight doesn't mean you can't have fun in Myrtle Beach. There are several things you can do for less than $10 per person or even for less than $10 total. Here's a list of some of the best things you can do without breaking the bank.

Hit the Beach

You can easily spend less than $10 to hit the beach when the weather is nice. Just load up the cooler with some waters, pack up the car or take public transportation, and enjoy the sunshine. Going to the beach is one of the most affordable ways to enjoy a day of fun in Myrtle Beach.

If you go to the beach in the summer, you can even enjoy Summer Nights at Broadway at the Beach. These events offer all kinds of fun during the summer with free entertainment, live music and some of the nights even include fireworks.

Go to Myrtle Beach State Park

A great way to get outside and enjoy some fun for less than $10 per person is found at Myrtle Beach State Park. You can get in for just $5 per adult and $3 for kids age 6 to 15. The little ones under 6 years of age get in free. 

At the park, you can enjoy plenty of natural beauty with the maritime forest and even learn a little bit at the nature center. You can also enjoy an uncluttered beach as you search for shells and bask in the sun.

Go Bowling

710 Bowling found in North Myrtle Beach offers a great choice for those looking to have some indoor fun in Myrtle Beach for less than $10 per person. If you go before 6pm, you can usually bowl for about $3 or $4 per person. They also offer several free games including darts, board games, table tennis, and bocce ball. 

Enjoy Some Art

The Myrtle Beach Art Museum on South Ocean Boulevard offers a great way to enjoy something cheap when money is tight. It's found in a historic villa and offers plenty of great exhibitions. They accept donations, but admission is actually free to the museum.

Catch a Baseball Game

During the summer months, you can enjoy a baseball game for less than $10 per person. Usually, you can score tickets for $9, but they may be even cheaper on a good promotional night. Head out to the field to rood on the Class A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs found right here in Myrtle Beach. Even if you're not a Pelicans fan, a minor league baseball game offers plenty of fun for the entire family.


There are several ways to have plenty of fun without spending a ton of cash in Myrtle Beach. We know the budget gets tight after buying a new house, but you still want to get out and enjoy some fun in your new city. Check out the attractions above and you're sure to find something fun you can do for less than $10.