If you're getting ready to list your property for sale, it's important to understand the differences between hiring an experienced team and a single agent. There are many benefits to hiring a team to help you sell your property. Let's look at what you can expect with an experiences team vs. a single agent.

Whether you're listing your home for the first time or it failed to sell the last time, you want to consider hiring the right team to sell your home. Listing your home with the right group makes a difference. 

The Ability to Re-Invest on Your Behalf

A single agent doing 15 to 20 deals (which is good, as an average agent will do 5 to 10 deals) doesn't have the same cash flow to re-invest in the necessary systems to gain exposure for their listings. In most cases, single agents are just working along and keeping things moving, but really aren't growing.

In order to get to a level to do 100 or even 200 deals, you have to re-invest in your systems as an agent. This requires putting money back into your business and setting up systems to ensure you get the exposure needed to sell homes faster and for the right price.

Experienced Teams Marketing for You

Not all experienced teams are re-investing in marketing for you. Some re-invest heavily in branding and for themselves and less for getting your property sold. This is an important factor to consider when looking to hire an experienced team instead of a single agent and choosing the right experienced team.

When a real estate team advertises their logo and brand all over the public places with bus ads, bench ads, billboards, and other advertisements, it may not show benefits for your listings. The marketing dollars invested in branding are designed to bring this type of real estate team more business, not get your listing sold faster and for a higher price.

A team re-investing in marketing your property means you'll have a team ready to sell your home for the highest possible price and as fast as possible. The issues is, these are often systems you won't see and they may not seem as exciting as the billboard or the magazine ad. 

When marketing is done correctly through staff members calling leads, proper funnels for potential buyers and many other behind-the-scenes efforts, you'll likely sell your home faster and for a higher price. This is the type of team you should seek out as their experience comes in the area of marketing your property more than marketing their brand.

Experience Level of Team vs. Single Agent

The experience will play a factor, as well. There's usually quite a gap between a single agent and an experienced real estate team. Everybody has to start somewhere, but having the single agent with very little experience selling your property in the current market may not be the best idea.

Taking advantage of hiring a team of agents with several thousands of transactions worth of experience will likely give you more for your money than hiring a single agent. An experienced team will help protect you from the pitfalls that can happen during a real estate transaction.

Hiring an experienced team at the same price compared to hiring a single agent means you'll get more by hiring the team. Make sure you decide based on the goals you have for the property. Take these differences into account before you make your final decision.