Find Out Why The Exposure Factor Will Determine Your Price

Getting the right exposure is one of the biggest factors to getting your home sold, whether listing with an agent or going the FSBO route. Exposure equals demand and the more exposure you can get more demand. More demand leads to more offers and a higher price. You may even be able to start a bidding war and get a price above market value if enough exposure is created.

Finding the perfect buyer means you may be able to sell the property for more money. The perfect buyer is a better match for the property compared to the buyer that says the property will work for them but isn't in love with it or the investor that believes the numbers will work if they can get it at a specific price. The perfect buyer loves the property and may be willing to pay more to ensure they get it.

Get Your Property Out To As Many People As Possible

The first key to exposure is getting your property in front of as many eyeballs as possible. The more people that see your property, the better. This is the least important of the three keys to the exposure factor, yet it's still very important.

You can have a property in the best condition, at the right price, but if nobody sees it, you may never get it sold. Getting the most amount of exposure as possible, such as putting a sign in the yard, putting the property on Craigslist, Facebook, and NextDoor. This may be enough, but it's just the start of getting exposure for the property.

Get Detailed With Your Marketing

Beyond the basic steps of getting exposure, you want to get very detailed with your marketing approach. This is the second key to the exposure factor and the more detailed you get, the better. Targeting the right type of buyers will make a difference when seeking to find the perfect buyer for your property.

This is quite a bit more difficult on the FSBO side of things because you probably aren't selling properties every single day as an agent does. Agents have a large database of people from their time of marketing other properties, which they can use to find the perfect buyer for your property. This is a very powerful way to find the right buyer and target very specific types of buyers for your property.

Continuing To Update Your Marketing

The final factor of the exposure factor is the compound effect. This effect is simply repeating and refreshing the marketing. This helps to ensure people see your property over and over again, which helps to give you the exposure you need to get your property sold.


With the right agent, you'll have a full staff of marketers working for you and ensuring your marketing strategy is updated and refreshed regularly.