Tips for Selling Your Myrtle Beach Home With Pets

Your pets are very important to you and they need to be treated as such. You need to make sure they are happy and healthy just like everybody else in your family. 

When it's time to sell your Myrtle Beach home, your pets need to be handled with care. So does the rest of your house, since it could smell like your pets.

While you may be accustomed to the smell, non-pet owners will notice it in a hurry. It's not just about the smell, either. Here are a few tips to help with your pets when selling your Myrtle Beach home.

Deep Cleaning First

Before you even list your home, you need to hire someone to do a deep cleaning. Then, you need to prepare yourself for accidents. Arm you cleaning supplies with a strong carpet cleaner and plenty of deodorizer in case of an accident. Even if your animals don't usually have accidents, they may due to the changes going on around your home and in their lives.

Once the home is deep cleaned, make sure you keep it clean. Do a spot clean before any showings or open houses just to be sure.

Make Plans for Your Pets During Showings

When a showing is scheduled, you need to know where your pets will be and what you will do with them. Often, you don't need to be there for a showing as that's your agent's job. You can take the pets to a dog park or take them for a ride to a friend’s house while the showing is going on.

If you have several showings scheduled in a row, you may want to have your pets relocated to a kennel or pet hotel for a few days. This can give them a fun getaway and you the ability to get your home sold without worries of pets being in the way.

Hide Pet Supplies

Sometimes, you can clean all you want and if a potential buyer sees pet supplies, they will suddenly smell pets. Hide everything away where it cannot be found and make it look like pets don't live there. 

Pet toys, bowls and other items can make the house look messy and can make it harder to get your home sold. If you have a place out of the way you can stash your pet items, do so. You may even want to pack up all the unnecessary items since you will be moving soon.

Get Your Non-Moveable Pets Prepared

Not all dogs, cats, or other pets can easily be moved. Birds and fish can be hard to move and you want to make sure you're prepared for this. Put a warning sign up on the door for the room they live in so that anybody looking at your home knows there are pets inside. You can also cover the cage or aquarium with a sheet to keep people from putting their fingers in it.

Your pets are important, but they are a bit of an obstacle when selling your Myrtle Beach home. You want to make sure they are well cared for during the process, but also remove any signs they live in your home so that you can appeal to all buyers looking at your property.