We Prospect 3 Hours A Day For Our Clients

Getting your home sold is our top priority. When we take on your listing, we want to make sure it gets sold as fast as possible for the best possible price. Prospecting 3 hours a day for your property is one of the ways we make sure potential buyers are finding your home for sale in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Our Morning Ritual

We have a morning ritual, which includes prospecting for buyers and sellers. This ritual helps to ensure we have plenty of buyers to match with your Myrtle Beach home for sale and plenty of sellers to match with buyers. 

This is a win-win as our morning ritual makes it possible for us to find buyers the homes they want and find sellers the buyers they need. From 8am to 11am we perform our morning ritual, which includes spending time going through new buyer leads we receive, along with old buyer leads. We also spend time canvassing the communities and neighborhoods where we've listed properties. 

How Our Prospecting Makes a Difference

You want to get your home sold for top dollar and you want it to sell quickly. There's a significant difference between getting a home sold for top dollar and just getting a home sold. Our prospecting helps to ensure that different benefits you as we don't want to just sell your home.

Anybody can get an offer. Our goal is to try and get an offer from the buyer best suited to purchase your property. We understand that if we can match the perfect property with the right buyer, it becomes a win-win for everybody involved.

For the seller, when we match the perfect buyer with the property we are representing, it allows the chance to get a higher price for the property. 

For the buyer, when we match the perfect property with the buyer, they get exactly what they want instead of having to settle for a property that's just good enough.

Since we prospect every single day and have for more than a decade, we have a massive database of buyer leads we can market your property to. It's much easier to narrow down the list to the buyers that fit your specific property. This combination of old and new leads allows us to better market your property, which may lead to a faster sale for a higher price.

We also take any HOA or community rosters you have and work those potential contacts to find out if anybody in your community knows of someone looking to move into the neighborhood. This can be a very powerful marketing strategy and putting our telemarketing team on the job helps to ensure more buyer leads are coming our way for your property.

If you're looking to buy or sell a property in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, contact us today and find out how our prospecting and morning ritual will make a difference.